Lincoln Center Expansion


  • Building Master Plan was completed in 2008. Through focus groups, surveys, and public hearings an indoor Turf Facility was contemplated to be part of the Lincoln Community Center. When it came time to re-do the Lincoln Center in 2010, it could not be afforded at that time and was shelved to be revisited at a future time as Phase 2.


  • Park Board presented to the Town Council conceptual drawings and projected costs.
  • Town Council, Clerk-Treasurer, and the Park Board all agree to voluntarily submit the project for a referendum vote on the November 6, 2018 ballot. The reasoning is twofold. #1 – to let the citizens of Highland decide if this project should move forward, #2 – with tax caps, this particular project could affect operating costs. If approved by voters, the project will fall outside of the tax caps.

Building Features

  • The plans call for an expansion of the Lincoln Center by adding a 49,874 sq. ft. addition. It will be behind and southeast of the existing building.
  • The plans include seating for 120 spectators, restrooms, and a physical therapy room.
  • Additional spaces will be dedicated to storage and mechanical rooms.
  • There will be 114 additional parking spaces.


  • Soccer – can be played as one field (160’x200′), two fields (each 160’x100′), or 4 fields (each 80’x100′).
  • Baseball/Softball – will include two infields, each with 60′ base paths. Four batting cages can be lowered from ceiling.
  • Football/Lacrosse/Ultimate Frisbee – open concept of the turf can have many capabilities.
  • Golf – batting cages can also be used for hitting golf balls.
  • Basketball/Volleyball – from mid-May through August, six wood basketball/volleyball courts will be laid down on top of the turf.
  • Use will be split among open play, leagues, rentals, and assigned times for local organizations (Highland).

Project Budget

  • Building construction/site work/parking/utilities – $11,550,000
  • Soft costs/furniture/equipment – $2,875,000
  • Contingency – $575,000
  • Total cost – $15,000,000
  • Operating costs will be covered by the facilities revenues.

Time Frame (if referendum passes)

  • It is anticipated that financing, design, permitting & bidding, and construction will take about 22-24 months with an October 2020 anticipated completion.

Determine your tax implication using the calculator.

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